Blockchain Development (Part 1) – Setting Up Development Environment For Smart Contracts


In my last article on Blockchain, we learned about setting up Ethereum Blockchain on Microsoft Azure using Consortium leader. It is time for some development now. Before we move on to Smart Contracts and their development, it’s important for us to set up a development environment as a prerequisite. This article will solely focus on setting up the development environment for Smart Contract development. In the next article, we’ll see what smart contracts are and how we can develop those.

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Creating Virtual Machine (VM) On Microsoft Azure


This article will focus on creating VM, i.e., a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides many cloud services and getting a virtual machine is one of those. One can create a virtual machine; i.e. a remote desktop machine, on the cloud and access the same with the provided credentials. Azure gives us the flexibility to choose the type of machine; i.e. client or server and the operating system and machine configuration of one’s choice. So, it gives the flexibility to create a small machine or set up a huge configuration machine based on the requirement. Each configuration and component chosen had a price that depends on how long and how much the VM is used. In this article, I’ll set a VM on Microsoft Azure step by step and this article will be more of a tutorial form.

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Setting Up Ethereum Blockchain On Azure


This article will focus on setting up a custom Ethereum Blockchain on Azure. The article will be less theory and will focus more on the practical implementation of step by step setting up the Ethereum blockchain on Azure and transferring some Ethers between accounts using MetaMask. The article is for the readers who are more into development and have the background of Blockchain, Ethereum and Ether. We’ll cover theory in the next article of understanding Ethereum and Blockchain.

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