Microservices using ASP.NET Core


The term microservices portrays a software development style that has grown from contemporary trends to set up practices those are meant to increase the speed and efficiency of developing and managing software solutions at scale. Microservices is more about applying a certain number of principles and architectural patterns an architecture. Each microservice lives independently, but on the other hand, also all rely on each other. All microservices in a project get deployed in production at their own pace, on-premise on the cloud, independently, living side by side.

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Create API with ASP.NET Core (Day 1): Getting Started and ASP.NET Core Request Pipeline


This tutorial will focus on ASP.NET Core features, request pipeline, how to create an ASP.NET Core API and how to use an Entity Framework Core. We willl try to create an API with an ASP.NET Core and tries to establish the communication with the database to perform simple CRUD operations via an Entity Framework Core. The series will contain continuation articles to cover the topic in detail and we will end up having a functional Application.

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