Application Security: How to handle Security Misconfigurations?

There are a number of ways in which a software’s security could be jeopardized. The statement in itself is quite generic in nature, making it more frightening. But, what if we said there are ways to make your upcoming product, platform, or application entirely secure? Quite heart-warming. Yes, there are a few basic approaches to make your program more secure over time if the security concerns are addressed from the start of software development. When developing your system, it’s all about knowing the threats and anticipating the vulnerabilities in your application. 

Cloud Computing in Education

Cloud computing is a modern approach to managing business requirements more efficiently. With the breakthrough of the internet and technology, the term has only evolved and become more popular. You can easily find cloud computing applications in several domains. Many software companies are transitioning from an expensive licensed software model to a cheaper, flexible, and efficient cloud subscription model. This article explains how cloud computing has spread like a virus and how it impacts education technology. Before digging deeper, it is crucial to understand the meaning of cloud computing.

: CI/CD of ASP.NET Core application on Azure using Jenkins Azure Pipeline.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) of Asp.Net Core Application on Azure Web App using Jenkins – Day 4

In the first article of the series we learned about the concepts, terminology, technologies involved, installing Jenkins, creating ASP.NET Core application and continuous integration of Asp.Net Core application using Jenkins via two approaches i.e. pipeline approach and freestyle project approach. In the second article, we published the ASP.Net core application to Azure App Service and Configured Jenkins on Azure. In the third article of the series, we focused on Azure Active Directory and Service Principal and how to integrate Jenkins with Azure Service Principal.

In this last article of learning CI and CD of Asp.NET Core application using Jenkins, we’ll learn the CI/CD of ASP.NET Core application on Azure using Jenkins Azure Pipeline.