Visual Studio Extensibility (Day 1): Creating your first Visual Studio VSIX package

In this three article series of Visual Studio Extensibility we’ll learn how to create a new Visual Studio package, deploy that on staging server and GIT via continuous integration setup and at the end create a Visual Studio isolated Shell application with that embedded package. Although this is very rare topic and you could not find enough study material on this topic over the web that explains how to work with it step by step. MSDN contains good content but very generic, and to the point. In my article I’ll try to explain each and every small part step by step, so that one can learn while coding.




Visual Studio Extensibility features are not new in .NET. It’s just that they are not very commonly used which to me is a surprise because Visual Studio extensibility features are so powerful they give a new definition to customization. Customization of your IDE, customization of the desired features that every developer would love to have and even customizations on the IDE that could eventually result in a whole new product altogether (for example, a custom Visual Studio with one’s own extensions and features).

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