Typecasting in C#

Typecasting in C# is the process of converting a value of one data type to another. This is also known as type conversion.

Auto Properties in C#

Auto properties are a shorthand syntax for defining properties in C#. Instead of explicitly defining a private backing field and the get/set methods for a property, an auto property allows the compiler to automatically generate the backing field and default get/set methods.

Async and Await in C#

Async and Await are two keywords in C# that make it easier to write asynchronous code. They are used to write asynchronous methods that can run in the background, without blocking the main thread, and without causing the application to become unresponsive.

Extension Methods in C#

C# extension methods are a way to extend the functionality of existing classes, structures or interfaces without having to modify their source code. They are defined as static methods in a static class, and the first parameter of the method must be preceded by the this keyword, which indicates that the method is an extension method.

Tuples in C#

A tuple is a data structure that can store multiple values of different data types in a single unit. In C#, tuples are used to return multiple values from a method, or to store a group of values without creating a separate class.