Everything Software Developers and Managers Need to Know About Agile Culture

The current competitiveness in the software development industry has put a high premium on companies needing to be flexible. Geared towards rapid delivery and continuous tractability, agile culture has taken over the project management space and increased the success rate of many software companies.


Azure Kubernetes Services – Day Three: Deploying ASP.NET Core Application to Azure Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes not only benefits development team in application deployment but also is a boon for the DevOps team that helps in monitoring and error handling. Kubernetes offers a layer of abstraction where the DevOps do not have to worry about keeping an eye upon the individual applications rather they manage and supervise Kubernetes and other related infrastructure.

Azure Kubernetes Services – Day Two: Deploy ASP.NET Core Applications on local Kubernetes Cluster.

This article is the continuation of the three series article where we are trying to learn and get hands-on with Azure Kubernetes Services. In the last article, we created an ASP.NET Core application and containerized it with Docker. We created the local image of the application and tested it locally. In this article we’ll deploy that image to local Kubernetes cluster.