Microservices using ASP.NET Core -Book

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This book is a practical Approach of Learning Microservices using ASP.NET Core.

A handbook to get familiar with the Microservices concept and developing microservices using ASP.NET Core.This is a small book to cover the topic of microservices using a practical approach.

Section 1, The Concept, makes you familiar with the concept of the Microservices. This section explains what are microservices, the architecture of microservices, the difference between monolithic and microservices. This section builds a deep understanding of microservices concept and architecture which is very important before you start development on microservices.

Section 2, Docker section three of the book demonstrates the development of microservices and running microservices in separate instances at the same time. One of the instances would be running in a docker container. This section demonstrates the pre-requisites of having the microservice running in Docker and Docker installation.

Section 3, Microservice using ASP.NET Core, this section will train you on how to create a microservice using ASP.NET Core. This section is a step by step guide to create a microservice using ASP.Net Core and Entity Framework Core and deploy and run the microservice.