Diving into Microsoft .Net Entity Framework by Akhil Mittal

Diving Into Microsoft .NET Entity Framework

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In this book, you will learn about the basics of Entity Framework and the three data access approaches that Microsoft’s Entity Framework provides. This book covers the introduction to Entity Framework, how Entity Framework’s capabilities could be leveraged in .Net development irrespective of the type of application used, the key features of Entity Framework.

Table of content
  • What is Entity Framework
  • Why Entity Framework
  • Relational Model and Object Model
  • Entity Framework History
  • How Entity Framework Can Benefit an Application
  • Entity Framework Architecture
  • Entity Framework Approaches
  • Entity Framework Approaches in Action
  • Code First Options
  • Code First Migrations
  • Code First Migrations in Action
  • Querying in Entity Framework
  • Loadings in Entity Framework
  • Code First Migrations in ASP.NET Web API 2.0
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Where can EF Core be Used
  • Code First Approach using Entity Framework Core
  • EF Core Summary
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Index

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