Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #1) : Code Assistance


I have always been a great admirer of Visual Studio IDE(Interactive Development Environment) . Visual Studio has proved to be the best IDE for me and I use it for almost all my coding as well as debugging work. My love for the IDE has forced me to start a series of articles to explain what more Visual Studio 2015 now offers to a developer in terms of cross-platform development, cloud-based development, code assistance, refactoring, debugging and a lot more. The power of Visual Studio is now not only limited to development and coding but it offers a one-stop solution to all the requirements needed while coding, development, code analysis or deployment. I’ll use Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 throughout the series and explain how one can leverage Visual Studio to be more productive. In this section of the series I’ll cover how development with Visual Studio 2015 can increase your productivity to n times and enables you to write more cleaner and optimized code.

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