Learning Custom Directives In AngularJS – A Practical Approach

AngularJS Introduction


In my previous article of AngularJS, I tried to explain the basics of AngularJS to get you started. In this article, I will explain the core concept of AngularJSl  i.e., directives. First, we will see what directives are and then I will try to explain how to build the custom directives, using some examples, which I have prepared. Moreover, in this article, I will be focusing more on the practical examples and the code rather than confusing you by writing tough definitions and heavy terms.

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How to Setup Angular Project using Yeoman

Problem Statement

As per my experience with people, it always has been a challenge to decide the right folder structure for your front-end applications which can be globally accepted. Especially, if I talk about AngularJS project, people are confused between two structures:

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Understanding AngularJS in Fast-track Mode


I have been working on AngularJs for quite some time and I have become amazed by the power of AngularJs. So I thought of this article to expose the power of AngularJs to you. I have tried to make this article as explanative as possible and it is written in a fast-track mode. That means it will give you a glimpse at some of the important topics of AngularJs in very less time.

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