Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #3) : Renaming Assistance


In this part of the article series on learning Visual Studio 2015, we’ll cover topic named renaming in Visual Studio 2015. Yes, Visual Studio 2015 provides a great capability of refactoring/renaming the code. It helps the developer to optimise and refactor the code as per the development or best practices need. This feature enables a developer to follow best practices by giving refactoring suggestions as well as helping in fixing and optimising the code. Renaming the variables, methods, properties, classes or even projects has always been a challenge to a developer when working on a large code base.Another challenge that most of the developers face is w.r.t. code comments and writing an optimised method. Visual Studio 2015 helps in code refactoring and renaming as well in a very easy and friendly way.

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Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #2): Code Analyzers


This is the continuation article of Diving into Visual Studio 2015 series. In first article of the series we learnt about Visual Studio’s capability of code suggestions and code optimizations. You can read more about code suggestion in Day #1. In this article we’ll cover another interesting and very useful feature of Visual Studio 2015 i.e. Live Static Code Analysis. The feature’s name in itself is self-explanatory. Visual Studio provides a power to a developer to know about the optimization techniques as well as compile time errors while coding itself i.e. a developer is not supposed to compile the code again and again to know about compile time errors or code optimizations, he can view all of these on the fly while coding and fix it then and there. Let’s cover the topic in detail with practical examples.

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Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #1) : Code Assistance


I have always been a great admirer of Visual Studio IDE(Interactive Development Environment) . Visual Studio has proved to be the best IDE for me and I use it for almost all my coding as well as debugging work. My love for the IDE has forced me to start a series of articles to explain what more Visual Studio 2015 now offers to a developer in terms of cross-platform development, cloud-based development, code assistance, refactoring, debugging and a lot more. The power of Visual Studio is now not only limited to development and coding but it offers a one-stop solution to all the requirements needed while coding, development, code analysis or deployment. I’ll use Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 throughout the series and explain how one can leverage Visual Studio to be more productive. In this section of the series I’ll cover how development with Visual Studio 2015 can increase your productivity to n times and enables you to write more cleaner and optimized code.

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