Diving into Blockchain -Book

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About the Book

This is a small book to cover the topic of Blockchain using a practical approach. Each section is a practical step by step demonstration of developing the blockchain. The book will showcase setting up Ethereum blockchain on Azure and development of Smart Contracts.

Section 1The Concept, makes you familiar with the concept of the Blockchain. This section briefs the reader about what blockchain is, the legacy from which the blockchain emerged, an introduction to bitcoin and its genesis.

Section 2Setting up Ethereum Blockchain on Azure, makes you familiar with the concept of Ether and Ethereum. This section briefs the reader about setting up the Ethereum blockchain on Azure and also demonstrate how to set up an Azure VM.

Section 3Environment setup for Smart Contracts development section of the book demonstrates the pre-requisites of Smart Contract development. This section will help the developer to set up the tools and environment along with Azure VM, before jumping on the Smart Contracts development.

Section 4Programming Smart Contracts, this section will demonstrate the development of Smart Contracts using Solidity, Truffle and Test RPC. Testing of Smart Contracts will be shown using Test RPC step by step.

Section 5Blockchain in Education Industry, this section is more of a theoretical section that talks about the significance of blockchain technology in the education sector and how Education sector can leverage the capabilities on blockchain in its own unique way.

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