Introduction to Machine Learning


Why Machine Learning? Why would you want to understand Machine Learning? How does it matter to your life? If you’re not a master of it, why do you at least need to understand the basics of Machine Learning? The answer to all these questions is very simple. It’s because Machine Learning on a day to day basis is becoming bigger and it is knowingly or unknowingly part of our life and so it is important to know what it is. We’ll try to answer all the basic questions related to machine learning in this and the following articles on Machine Learning and at least know what Machine learning is and what could be achieved with Machine Learning.

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Create API with ASP.NET Core (Day2): Creating API in ASP.NET Core


This article of the series “Web API with ASP.NET Core” will focus on creating Web API with ASP.NET Core. In the last article of the series, we learned about ASP.NET Core basics and how to set up an empty solution and play with request pipeline and middleware. In this article, we’ll discuss less theory and try to create an API. We’ll make use of ASP.NET Core MVC Middleware to build the API. We’ll cover in details on how to return resources, data and how to talk to API via HTTP request in this article. We can use the same source code as we got at the completion of last article of the series.

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Create API with ASP.NET Core (Day 1): Getting Started and ASP.NET Core Request Pipeline


This tutorial will focus on ASP.NET Core features, request pipeline, how to create an ASP.NET Core API and how to use an Entity Framework Core. We willl try to create an API with an ASP.NET Core and tries to establish the communication with the database to perform simple CRUD operations via an Entity Framework Core. The series will contain continuation articles to cover the topic in detail and we will end up having a functional Application.

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