Understanding Events in C# (An Insight)


Events are one of the core and important concepts of C# Programming environment and frankly speaking sometimes it’s hard to understand them without proper explanation and example.

So I thought of writing this article to make things easier for learners and beginners.

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Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #8): Diagnostic Tool Window in Visual Studio 2015


The earlier parts of this series talked about Visual Studio 2015 improvements and enhancements. This article on Visual Studio 2015 will cover another interesting feature of Visual Studio 2015 i.e. Diagnostic Tool Window.We’ll have a glance over the new diagnostic window and try to cover the topic with practical examples, thus exploring this diagnostic tool window helps in debugging and monitoring.


Diagnostic Tool Window

The new Diagnostic Tools window in Visual Studio appears whenever you run the application with debugging.

This window provides a an ample amount of information that is very helpful when debugging the application. It contains a timeline across the top that provides a temporal display of application’s debugging session.

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