How to Setup Angular Project using Yeoman

Problem Statement

As per my experience with people, it always has been a challenge to decide the right folder structure for your front-end applications which can be globally accepted. Especially, if I talk about AngularJS project, people are confused between two structures:

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Getting Started with Grunt Task Runner

About Task Runner

There are certain tasks which front-end developers are often asked to do. Tasks like:

  • CSS file compression
  • JS minification or obfuscation
  • HTML/JSON file minification
  • Image optimisation
  • Compile SASS or LESS files to generate CSS files
  • Unit testing
  • SVN commit
  • Build deployment etc

To do the above tasks we need so many different reliable tools and it is a tedious task to find such types of reliable tools online. And I don’t think any such tool is available which can do all the above tasks in one click.

What if these tasks can be automated and can be done in one key press? To do this, we would need to write few tasks in JS file and run Grunt.

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CRUD operations using RESTful ASP.Net WebAPI and MongoDB




In my previous article, we did CRUD operations using MongoDB shell commands. As promised, here I am with this article sharing how to create RESTful Web API for CRUD operations in MongoDB using .NET drivers.

As you already know, MongoDB is the future of modern web applications and it is very important for .NET developers to get their hands on MongoDB drivers, so this article is my little effort in this direction. I hope you would like it and appreciate my work.

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Getting started with Web Components And PolymerJS


You must have tried a lot of ways to develop reusable components or widgets. But what about the components like “video”, “audio” or “select” components (tags) of HTML(5)? Did you ever investigate how these components work without exposing its style, script or local DOM structure? Web applications are being developed in various ways depending on the requirements but hardly fulfil the reusability aspect across projects or modules.

This article would help up to a certain extent to create and reuse such type of web components which can be instantiated and reused in a similar way how we are instantiating and using other HTML elements.

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MongoDb: A brief introduction



I read somewhere that MongoDB is the database for the modern web which induced a thought in me that what’s so special about this new database that everybody is talking about it and believe me when I started digging into this I really got impressed. So this article is dedicated to great MongoDB. In this article we will learn basics about MongoDB. I have tried to make things easier and clear to understand. I hope in the end of this article you will have enough understanding about MongoDB.

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Understanding Recursion in C# : A Practical Approach


In our programming life there are situations where we have to write code to perform some repetitive tasks and in those situations recursion can become our best friend, but the problem with recursion is that it is sometimes complicated to understand.

Recursion is one of the topics that we all are taught in our student life but at that time we do not give much attention to this guy, and when we start our life as a programmer this same guy comes again in our life to irritate us and laugh at us.

So this is my little effort to introduce you to recursion so that you can use it in your code without any doubt and hesitation.

Though many of the problems can be easily solved using iteration and loops, there are some problems like graphs and tree where recursion can come in handy.

In this article I’ll be focusing more on algorithms rather than on programming language —  you can choose programming language of you to own choice. For demonstration purposes, I’ll be using JavaScript & C# because most of the programmers are familiar with the same.
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Understanding AngularJS in Fast-track Mode


I have been working on AngularJs for quite some time and I have become amazed by the power of AngularJs. So I thought of this article to expose the power of AngularJs to you. I have tried to make this article as explanative as possible and it is written in a fast-track mode. That means it will give you a glimpse at some of the important topics of AngularJs in very less time.

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